With all our mainstream clients we operate on the basis of a fixed monthly fee, for a roughly pre-determined volume of work. We are always willing to discuss other charging structures to accommodate our clients’ requirements.

The fee includes: all the research, writing and securing approvals of press material; commissioning and supervision of photography; liaision with editors; maintenance of press list and forthcoming features databases; all management and administrative charges; travel to client meetings. Fees are charged monthly in advance.

EXTRA to the fee are items we have to buy in. These include: photography and photoprints (we have a nationwide network of contacts); press release printing and postage; press cuttings services; translation; journals’ colour separation charges; travel (except to client meetings) and accommodation; courier charges.

Wherever possible, we arrange for service-suppliers to charge the client direct; we are not in the mark-up game. Otherwise these bought-in costs are charged to the client monthly in arrears.